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The Schemes of the Slighted

(An Adventures of Hayden and Nikki book)

Authored by Adrianna M. Lockhart (published December 15, 2016)

Hayden is locked away (again) after an escape attempt gone wrong with Sir Connor. With King Alexander poisoned and Prince Gilbert's plans gone awry, who will rule Calhoun?

Nikki is finally in the middle of the adventure she's always wanted. She just never thought it would be so complicated (or dangerous). When it matters most, can she be the hero she wants to be?

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The Adventures of Hayden and Nikki: The Meeting    

Authored by Adrianna M. Lockhart (published June 14, 2013; 2nd Edition, published February 15, 2017)

Hayden - an heir on the run who has no idea what he's gotten himself into.

Nikki - a daydreamer who feels like she has nothing to lose and everything to prove.

When they have a chance meeting in the forest, each is suspicious of the other. However, they soon put their differences aside to try to defeat a common enemy, rescue the people they care about, and save the Kingdom of Calhoun from a greedy prince. 

Don't miss this exciting debut novel by Adrianna M. Lockhart.

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